Can you add combat anomalies to the test server?

Can you add anomaies to the test server? Like drone horde, guristas hideaway.
I can’t test my pve fit :confused:

I’m pretty sure they’re on the test server, it’s just that tracking them down can be a pain due to the way their spawn mechanics work. People will tend to run the ones closets to NPC seed stations, and they’ll end up accumulating in backwoods systems. So, maybe try looking around in out of the way places.

you can do it yourself. it does take some effort though.
first make a personal corp and then an alliance
find a system with non caring alliance sov, goons, whoever. take sov, install ihub
use the ‘/boostsov’ command and install ihub upgrades, pirate detection etc
use dotlan to find best security class system for your needs. for example, sec class 7 systems have the most havens.

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