Lacuna. - Wormhole Corp Recruiting

(Nicola Arman) #1

Lacuna. is recruiting new and veteran pilots to join us on our mission in Sleeper space.
Active in Late Night USTZ.
Currently a part of the ‘AII ShaII Perish’ Alliance.
We live in a C2 with HS,C4 Statics.
Join ’ TheDarkBlade ’ channel in game to chat.

We utilize this environment and its resources to escape the Empires and their law. We are seekers of wealth and knowledge. We look for those who are proficient at:
• Hunting
• Scanning
• Chain Mapping

We also want pilots who can apply themselves in other areas:
• Gas Harvesting
• Relic/Data Hacking
• Planetary Interaction
• Sleeper Tech and Salvage

This is a combat oriented corporation and all our members are expected to keep that mindset. We live in unknown and often hostile space. Each member is expected to fight if the need arises.
Alpha Pilots are also welcome to apply. They will be trained and provisioned so that they can both contribute and benefit from deep space.

We do require:
• Pilots to be In Fleet and On Comms while in space.
• Ability and Motivation for PvP
• An Open Mind

(Nicola Arman) #2

Into the dark…

(Nicola Arman) #3

The wolves gather…

(Nicola Arman) #4

To feast on the shadow…

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And devour its sustenance…

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Lacuna. The missing piece

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Hands of the bookkeeper…

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Shadow Walkers

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Sleeper Whisperers

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Alpha pinchers…

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Rabbits down the hole…