Lai Dai Corporation and Intaki Assembly sign Armistice, Onikanabo Brigade withdrawing from Intaki V

As reported on the latest news bulletin from Lina Ambre, officials between the Lai Dai Corporation and the Intaki Assembly have signed an armistice guaranteeing a ceasefire and an orderly withdrawal for Onikanabo Brigade contractors and presumably Lai Dai Protective Service 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment troopers and materiel that are currently entrenched in defensive positions at the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility.

Whilst it is favourable that the standoff has been resolved through a formal agreement between the sovereign authorities of Intaki V and the aggressing parties, without the potential for a horrific loss of life and further destruction to the areas afflicted, it must stand for the record that this is a situation that never should have occurred and that Lai Dai had no business interfering with the affairs of a Federal member state. The Federation must do more to prevent repeat instances of unlawful incidents carried out by entities acting in a cavalier, heavy-handed manner with no regard for basic sovereignty and interstellar law in order to meet their obligations under the Federal Charter which all member states have acceded to.

Furthermore, the loss of cultural artifacts and sites, both destroyed and potentially plundered according to accusations from within the affected communities, remains a burning issue for the inhabitants of Intaki V. If these allegations transpires to be truthful, as to my knowledge a full manifest of missing and destroyed items has not yet been compiled, then this agreement has permitted the Onikanabo Brigade to make off with their looted goods like a common mob, or a band of brigands that have robbed law-abiding Federal citizens and have been abetted in their crimes by Lai Dai.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the brave and valorous men and women of the Condottieri Rouvenour and Isuuaya Tactical contractors that provided support to the Intaki Assembly security forces, amongst others. I would strongly encourage other member states that reside in the border regions as well as the Federal Defence Cordon to revise their security arrangements and make wherever necessary improvements to bolster the strength and capabilities of member state armed forces, as well as to demand where possible additional Federal assets to safeguard the sovereignty and freedoms of the people.


Ishuk-Raata is pleased to hear that a peaceful solution was achieved, however the information supplied to us is vague at best when it comes to Lai Dai’s forces planetside. Until we know more the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch will continue to remain on their deployment.


I’m pretty sure that Intaki is under the stewardship of the Caldari as the Federation gave up on them in the warzone…

This is a common misconception, often pushed by both sides when convenient.

In reality, the Intaki Assembly has remained sovereign throughout, and not the Caldari State.


This is correct.

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I only hope that a good number of Intaki Three Color Paintings have been plundered that they might be desecrated by a Fourth Color and then publicly displayed somewhere so as to mock the Intaki people.

Intaki V is not under the stewardship of the Caldari State, irrespective of the current system owner that is defined under the auspices of the CEMPWA Act. Intaki V is a sovereign entity as a member state of the Federation with rights and privileges as set out under the Federal Charter and Constitution.

Despite the conquest of the zone back in YC111 and subsequent auction which has since been invalidated, the Federation has never given up on the territories within the Federal Defence Cordon. Speaking as a Captain that flew for many years in service to the State Protectorate as an auxiliary officer, the Federal Defence Union fought with the aggression and ferocity of Storm Wind’s talons to keep our forces out of Federal territory. Whilst there have always been periods where ‘control’ has switched back and forth, ultimately power rests with the inhabitants of the member states to decide their own fates, guaranteed by the Federation.


Disrespectfully, Mr. Nauplius,

Desecrate this!


We should meet up, Nauplius… I have a few three-color paintings we could desecrate together with a fourth color…

Crimson, preferably…


Well, an obligatory “go to hell” aside, he does make a point - that loot is bound to surface eventually. Black market, private art collections, places like that.
Specifically, the markets and collections in the Khanid Kingdom. Just a hunch.

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It’s good to see that professional courtesy between opposing sides can still exist in these troubled times, especially for someone who has family in both the Federation and the State. I can only hope that both governments will be able to agree on an armistice and focus on more pressing matters, like fortifying systems against the Triglavians and Sansha’s Nation.

This also means there will be plenty of opportunities for altruistic (or opportunistic) individuals and organizations to bring those looted artifacts and treasures back to Intaki where they belong. Preferably before men like Nauplius can get their hands on them.


Out of curiosity, what’s the status on recovery efforts for the locals in the region? Are there plans to rebuild the monastery? I’d like to propose that Lai Dai pay reparations.


The long-running Intaki Prime Relief Effort is working to provide immediate aid and support to those affected.

The Relief Effort also has stockpiles of construction materials which will be made available to those of us from the Intaki Diaspora who have reassigned personnel to assist in the rebuilding process.


I mean, really weird to see you here ranting about the rights and provisions granted to member states of the Gallente Federation… Really odd to see ANY Caldari talk about that, actually, since we both know that rights are only rights if someone can’t take them away from you - and that this HAS in fact happened several times in history.

That weirdness aside, it’s good to hear that the LDPS is coming back off foreign deployment. Those are always hard on troops - especially in the CEMPWA warzone or other lawless areas - and it is worth remembering that it IS a warzone. Terrible things happen to the populations of warzone planets - which is why I’m glad that very few of the Black Rise systems have planets with any sort of populations in them.

Some of the stories I could tell about when systems have switched hands in the past - most especially in the Amarr/Matari warzone… Doesn’t bear thinking about.

There are always allegations of looting. Many of those allegations wind up being true, but as one of my instructors once said “You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”


I don’t think it particularly weird of me to highlight that, as part of my current career is to ensure the protection of the Federal District of Nadire as an officer of a firm entrusted with part of the Shipping and Security franchise. Caldari, especially the Federation Caldari of which there are quite a few in the member state of my residency, should also have no difficulty in understanding that the Federal Charter and Constitution is a contract that is signed with the consent of the party that enters into it in exchange for certain guarantees as outlined in those documents. If those guarantees are violated, it is the duty of any citizen, employee and the Federal government to bring the violations/violators to account to maintain the integrity of that contract between the Union and member state.

I am well aware of the potential for atrocities to occur in times of war. Our shared history over the centuries imparts more of an impetus for the Federation to put into place safeguards to prevent the member states in the Defence Cordon from suffering the same injustices and travesties that have marred history. A failure to try is unacceptable, both from a professional and ethical standpoint.

As for what your instructor said, unabashed cruelty and needless destruction is not a means of ending wars with any haste. As we saw with the Interstellar War, each episode of barbarism simply led to further entrenched hostilities and intensified hatred on both sides for decades. I’d invite you to go to Sinq Laison, Verge Vendor or Everyshore and ask the locals there how the war ended so quickly for them during that period of our history.

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Oh, really? You’ve taken a contract with the FEDERATION? I’ve been with a PMC for nearly a decade now and I know that a merc has to follow the money, but that really is a… controversial… contract. I hope your terms were very satisfactory.

Never mind my original point then - I suppose defending the Federal Charter and Constitution is part of your job description in your current role. That explains your new fetish for Federal legislation. As far as your point regarding the duty of citizens and institutions, it should be noted that such a duty is only valid inasmuch as it is in alignment with the best interests of the body politic.

If the Intaki Assembly decided that the best interests of the Intaki people lie in ending combat operations and the negotiated withdrawal of LDPS, then isn’t that the sort of call they are there to make?

If I’d been abandoned in the War Zone I’d be very unhappy with a Federal legislature that wasn’t sharing my misery deciding that the war had to continue because of some esoteric terms and conditions.

You are right that you cannot seize territory and make it yours with cruelty - but for a quick asset realisation mission on ground you do not intend to hold, moving with all the haste and force that cruelty permits is certainly an efficient way to get the job done.

I can’t tell you what Lai Dai’s long term goal in the Intaki system was - but if it was a short-term “Growing Kelp while the sun shines” style mission then this style of operation makes perfect sense. We’ll know for sure once the units get home, as they will likely be interned and closely searched during their debriefings. If a lot of relics get returned to the Intaki people by Lai Dai then we’ll know those seizures were acts of personal initiative. If not, then I guess some Lai Dai official has a use for Intaki relics - possibly as leverage in a negotiation, but maybe as a new hobby.


Yes, it’s been common knowledge for a while now. And it’s not quite so controversial as say… taking a contract serving an Empire that has the expressed wish to reclaim the cluster in the name of it’s deity. Through force I might add, as we have seen throughout it’s history, presumably including the State. The terms of this contract were highly attractive and I wake up every morning satisfied with my decision to take them.

The Intaki Assembly chose by itself to come to terms, presumably to avoid further bloodshed as well as damage to the Transorbital Launch Facility. Nonetheless, this was a clear-cut invasion of a Federal member state in which LDPS were sent in to bail out the Onikanabo Brigade’s little venture. Which was a success, I might add, and whatever the Onikanabo Brigade may have plundered from the surface has likely been spirited away by now. No amount of searching or debriefing LDPS troopers will uncover what the Brigade may or may not have thieved because they were not the ones that committed the act, merely aiding and abetting their escape.

I could understand if this was within a State system or a protectorate of the State, but this was neither of those two. The legality of the Brigade’s actions have been challenged directly by another megacorporation, not just myself, and I hope for a favourable outcome to this affair that not only provides restitution to the affected citizens of Intaki V but also reassurance that this is not the beginning of another period of cold war and sabre rattling between the State and the Federation.

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Well, I haven’t exactly been keeping up with current events, Edward. News of the contractual movements of individual capsuleers don’t often make it down the orbital well to normal society, as I’m sure you’re aware.

I’m a little confused that you see my posting with SFRIM as being controversial. They serve a long standing ally of The State, after all. One that has never, to my knowledge, taken military action against the State in any way. Your own contract seems to be with people who bombed the Homeworld.

If I can pass on a little advice from years of working on deployment outside the State it’s a warning to be careful about how much Jaijii ideology you soak up from your employers. You have to hold yourself above foreign ideals or else you risk going native - it’s never a good idea to risk cultural contamination that might confuse your sense of loyalty or heiian. Well… perhaps it’s best to stop short before you start thinking I’m trying to lecture you or accuse you of something.

Regarding specific accusations of wrong doing on the part of the Onikanabo Brigade - well, they’re being pulled out too, aren’t they? I’m sure they’ll undergo the same after-action debriefing as the LDPS troops. If another Mega-Corp (I’m assuming Ishy? Intaki has traditionally been within their sphere of interest) is taking an interest, then you can bet that it’ll go up to the tribunal and be discussed pretty high up.

I’m a little confused, again, to hear you talking about the State only operating on their side of the line in the CEWMPA. That’s bad tactics, as you ought to know. You operate where the enemy is. The enemy is the Federation and their proxies. As much as I’ve added my voice of support to withdrawing the Intaki system from the warzone, the Federation has never thought much of that idea - I don’t know why. But it’s IN the warzone. That makes it a TARGET, Edward. What do we do with targets?

Personally I’ve always preferred operating in space. Pyre used to patrol the Intaki system frequently and we always went after FDU targets of opportunity we found there - but combat in space is nice and clean, isn’t it? Nobody complains if you pop a couple of Atrons or Tristans in system. The outcry is even pretty muted if you go after neutrals - it is a warzone, after all.

And that’s the concept that seems to be confusing people. It’s a warzone. War happens in warzones. No, the Federation and the State aren’t actively at war OUTSIDE the warzone - but inside it, well, anything goes.

Even asset reallocation operations.

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It isn’t that simple outside of the realm of rock beats scissors diplomacy that most capsuleers prefer to employ. There are rules that our parent corporations follow and Lai Dai’s actions may come back to haunt them.


All told, it’s been a rather unenviable position for both Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion: either risk all out corporate warfare with Lai Dai Corporation or as happened, look like impotent fools and let Onikanabo Brigade get away with their asset realisation. In the end, I’d say Lai Dai played this round of brinkmanship well and achieved their objectives – with some “Hey we just landed on the planet and suddenly the Intaki militia shot at us first,” degree of deniability.

A great opening round, in my opinion, but not I think the end of the game yet!

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