Lai Dai Corporation and Intaki Assembly sign Armistice, Onikanabo Brigade withdrawing from Intaki V


As reported by Lina Ambre this morning New Eden Standard Time, the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility has been the subject of negotiations between the Intaki Assembly and the Lai Dai Corporation regarding the leasing of the Facility to the latter.

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My congratulations to the Intaki Assembly for their wisdom in diversifying the contract base of their world outside of just a single Caldari Okusaika.

The fact that such “corporate basic laws” ignore fundamental human rights is exactly why their like should never have been allowed to leave the Luminaire system in the first place. Lai Dai’s actions on Intaki V show the State for what it truly is, a gang of high tech barbarians looting the galaxy for profit. Apparently the rest of the Caldari State is poised to let this outrage proceed through the CBT with little if any sanction on Lai Dai, which only proves further that the Caldari megacorporate model of government is incapable of restraining its own retrograde elements.

It is high time that the Caldari State faced an internal reckoning with these feudal relics. Abusing the liberties of your own people is one thing, but the rest of the cluster should not have to tolerate such outrages.

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Alternatively, both the Federation and the State could settle their differences anywhere but Intaki.


People don’t have innate liberties that are not extended by a government, in the case of the State, the rights and liberties extended under Caldari basic law. Again, if one is not signatory to those laws then they are not extended. Far be it from Caldari to dictate how others should choose to govern themselves and live their lives. I do not see what is so outrageous about such a system.

The Intaki chose not to live under corporate rule and prosperity, now they experienced the detriments of such a decision – much like many in Sinq Liaison or Verge Vendor once experienced.

If people have no innate liberties that are not extended by a government then how is it that the Caldari megacorporations had the right to reject the rule of the Federation government? How is it that the megas could justify denying access to those rights to people the government deemed to be protected?

The foundational myth of the Caldari State is that it formed to defend the liberties of the Caldari against Gallente oppression, but the truth is more consistent with the first part of your statement. Then, as now, certain State megacorps recognize no other authority than force of violence or the threat of it. Then, as now, the only freedom they desire is the freedom to oppress others at their whim.

The only relevant difference here is between a Federal government that has respected greater Intaki independence even as that respect has advantaged its rivals, and the State which now apparently sanctions blatant violation of Intaki sovereignty as a playground for megacorporate misconduct. The Intaki Assembly put its trust in Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion to protect them from interference from both the Federation and the State. It should be obvious now who the true threat was.

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The Assembly seems to forget that it’s on its own when playing the powers against each other. Federation, Lai Dai, Ishukone, State and Legion are unfortunately all orders of magnitude stronger entities than Intaki V. As a result of not having a reliable ally, the Intaki people remain in the middle of the warzone vulnerable to these sorts of threats without any viable path to repercussion.

Personally I don’t think there’s any shame to stronger involvement with the Federation, not more than letting a bunch of bandits get away with their crimes at least. Going the other direction apparently hasn’t helped us much in this regard.

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Because the liberties of a Caldari corporate – that is, the freedom from outside coercion or imposition deemed intolerable – is one and the same with the liberties of its corporate citizenry. Those liberties were not innately justified by any other power than violence and force against those who would seek to impose their own regime upon the Caldari corporate citizenry through violence and force.

The understanding that the rights and liberties of the State as outlined by corporate laws exists only insofar as a sufficient amount of force exists to defend them is why Caldari society and culture is structured the way it is.

There are no myths, only harsh reality.

The only regimes imposed on Caldari citizens through violence and force were those of the feudal warlords and empires that ruled the planet before the Gallente arrived. When the various Caldari member states joined the Federation they did so willingly, and were welcomed with open arms. That welcome was repaid in violence, and the Caldari State was born out of the murder of those Caldari who still sought peace. Then, as now, those who have suffered most from State oppression are the Caldari themselves. Only in the Federation are they guaranteed the freedom and liberty that is their birthright, and only in the State are they denied it.

An unsurprising response, yet the State continues to exist according to its own beliefs and its own principles. I do not foresee that situation changing due to the ire and disagreement of foreigners as to its history and culture. The old ways of the Homeworld have long taken root among the stars, and the traditions of duty and discipline under the Lords of War are not going to be broken by paltry platitudes about democracy or human rights.

Oh, I have no illusion that the leaders of the State will listen to reason. Nothing about Lai Dai’s actions should be a surprise, and the Intaki Assembly are fools if they think continued appeasement will long avail them. It wasn’t appeasement that liberated the Luminaire system from the threat of Provist annihilation, it was the strength of the Federation Navy. It would be wise for the Intaki people to consider that fact as they harvest the bitter fruit borne by the Assembly’s capitulation to Lai Dai’s aggression.

If there is nothing to negotiate, there exists no need for reasons.

I wish Lai Dai good fortune in their upcoming negotiations with Federal Marines currently landing on Intaki. Now that Federal Defense Union command has authorized planetary operations, perhaps Villore Accords will send some negotiators of our own.

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War is business;
Business is war.

Why not send your troops in, if able, force can be persuasive all on its own. If Lai Dai can’t stake their claim, then they don’t deserve to have it.


I’m sure Lai Dai’s security troops are well versed with the negotiating style of Federal Marines - after all they out-negotiated them when we took back our Homeworld. I wouldn’t be so gleeful about your Navy’s phyrric victory over Home, either - even if you weren’t there, I remember how many Dreadnaught’s the Federation Navy lost that day.

I remember a titan falling into the atmosphere potentially killing more people than the battle itself did. If ever there was a lesson to be learned that day, it was that the feud between the Federation and the State should have ended when the war did.


Why should it end?

I’m glad to see someone pointing out the obvious solution.

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Now that Mordu’s Legion has finally broken its silence only to say it is abandoning Intaki in its hour of need, the Assembly is reported to be “Considering All Options".

As I have done since the issue of franchise renewal was first discussed earlier this year on these boards, I would urge the Assembly to listen to the protestors and include the ISP in those options.

The ISP is politically neutral, economically independent and shares a common cultural and geographic connection with Intaki. As the popular cry goes, it is truly ‘Intaki’s Best Defence’!

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