Large aircraft carrier role selling 37 million skills

I’ll take care of the transfer

I can offer 20b right now

Too cheap! Can you add something?

21b is the maximum i can offfer

I’m sorry. I can’t accept such a low offer.

No worries. Good luck

If you can accept the offer of 22B, I’m willing to sell

21.5b and we have a deal.


You can send emails and send isk to CXY CHX.I’m going to start moving right now

Sorry i can only send ISK to cxy1024 immortal CCP rules

Can also be

OK sending ISK and account info.

Thx you

You need to wait

My Internet is not very good

It is Ok, no worry.

Haha, I am sorry, I still have to go through 24 hours waiting period before transferring, if you want, I can return the ISK to you first :joy:

No it is fine, Ill wait.

Now I’m going to start transferring

Ok thx you very much

The transfer has started. Have you received the mail