Largest Industry corp


So I just started to use my 2016 created account (Shame on me for waiting so long).

During my playing I started to enjoy industry, and thus the question came to mind…

“What are the top 5 largest industrial Corps”

Thanks guys!

All the big alliances have industry divisions. So it’s probably in that direction you should be looking.

What are the current big alliances?

Goon swarm, Test alliance and Pandemic Legion are places to start looking.

Not really into null politics though, so my knowledge about alliances is rather limited. The above were just some obvious ones.

The most significant industrial power is the Imperium, based in Delve.

After being evicted from Deklein during World War Bee, they took a decision to maximise the current game advantages towards mining and industry and have developed a pretty astonishing empire. Their market hub is said to rival Jita and the price of super capitals has nosedived because they are produced so cheaply by this industrial giant.

I believe that Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST or TAPI) which are allies to the Imperium are driving along the same route. PanFam appears to be less enthused about the ‘empire building’ approach which may be why they are not as powerful as they once were.

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I would not say that Test are allies of Imperium. We have common interest to fight against panfam, but that’s all, afaik

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Correct. If there was an Industry-only corp, I would definitely apply to that.

Unfortunately it will belong to one of the largest corps which will inevitably be a pvp corp.

Can you provide screenshots?

This is showing the Market Trade for March/2019 by Region. Delve is third, behind The Forge (Jita area) and Domain (Amarr area).

Not to be pedantic or anything, but aren’t Goonswarm Federation, TEST Alliance Please Ignore, and Pandemic Legion/Pandemic Horde coalitions? Not exactly alliances?

Does it matter? Like I said, I don’t really care for null politics, so what do I know.

The point was, that the OP should probably research about these organizations, since they very likely have an industry branch.

No, those are all alliances that are part of coalitions. With the exception of pandemic horde, the alliances you mention are pretty much the leaders of their respective coalitions.

Here is something that, while possibly out of date, might give you an idea of how coalitions are made:

more up-to-date alliance / coalition influence map:

market trade is good but pretty distorted by the Plex/SP markets. Might want to look at mining/production value which will more directly show industry activity. Delve takes the #1 spot for both of those.

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