Alliance search function?

Is there an in-game search feature for alliances similar to searching for a corp?

I know there is the list of alliances but can’t search or filter on criteria.



You can use Alliances - DOTLAN :: EveMaps however or search for alliances on dotlan.

Would that we could, but no. What kind of alliance are you looking for? Maybe we can point you in the right directions

I’m in a small hisec mining/industry/pve corp that’s looking to connect with a group of similar corps for joint hisec, lowsec, and/or wh fleet ops (maybe eventually null - I’ve been to null for exploration and it has opportunities but not looking to move the corp there right now). Also an exchange of knowledge, experience, support, comradery and friendship. Some exposure to learning better PVP would be OK but that isn’t our primary focus.

For example, I was recently in a system and took a loot at an ice belt. There was a group of ships from an alliance that included miners, industrial support ships and combat ships (likely for defense). Would be great to be in a similar style of alliance to help each other and learn from each other,


Oops, Meant to reply instead.

That kind of alliance is fairly common and I dont know of any outstanding examples to point you toward. You might be well served by thinking about an area of space you want to be in and see what alliances are active in the area, like those ice miners you spotted.

From there check their killboard and talk to their members to get a sense of how active they are, how well they can (or cant) defend themselves, and what their memberbase is like personality wise.

Good luck to you!

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Pls evemail me. Ty

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