Largest Mining Corp

Returning after 10+ years. Anyone know who is currently the largest mining Corp in the game?

the largest mining fleets are going to be in goonswarm and fraternity alliances. if that is what you are looking for. a lot has changed with mining, you may want to check out some of the major changes , welcome back.

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im looking to recruit more multibox miners, but i mine specialized mats. HMU IG

Just make sure to make a good faith deposit in Plex and contract your stuff to one of the members and they’ll get right on your application.

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Pandemic Horde, null sec, has a 24/7 mining fleet going for moon, anom and ice mining at times. Ship SRP (no Orcas) if in fleet and following FCs orders and fleet warps. Plenty of moons. I am one of the FCs and if you want more info just message me in game at the same name.

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