Lasker and Co. new adventure. Knight Odds is recruiting[EU/US TZ PVP corp]

Our CEO is Lasker Emanuel whose videos you can see here
Public discord
Public Ingame Chan: Knight Odds Pub

After some discussion and a few meetings we Knight Odds decided to move to a new adventure and joined [Trigger Happy.] a nullsec pvp alliance focused on having fun and being active in space. We trimmed down our numbers and now we are re opening applications for new members .

Our primary goal is to collect a group of people with the same ideals. People that want to experience parts of the game that they find enjoyable and apply that to the corp. We hope to create an open, collaborative atmosphere where people can learn, try things, help their corp mates succeed.

What we can provide:

Nullsec systems (SOV), very close to Highsec for easy goods export and lowsec for solo and small scale PvP
Frequent fleets of all sizes within a well organized alliance
Experienced combat pilots & Fc's in corp and alliance.
Robust services in home systems
Capital ship construction and combat

And of course, all of the benefits of Nullsec, including:

Expansive jumpbridge network.
Nullsec PI.
Nullsec Ore & moon's

What we’re looking for:

Pilots wanting to make a name for themselves in a young, growing corp.
Pilots that want to get in fleets and shoot stuff.
People who are eager to carve out their own niche in New Eden.
Content providers to lead pilots into fights over and over again.
Pilots with Dread alts or willingness to get one sorted asap.
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Hi folks!

Our new space is excellent.

Consider joining this great group of people.

Our CEO, Lasker Emanuel shows how it’s done in a VNI.

After being absent from the game since almost a decade…Are you guys taking in complete noobs wishing to learn by fire?

Our CEO’s latest solo adventure:

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