Lasker and Co. return to Providence. Knight Odds is recruiting

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In the video below, you’ll find the reason behind the return.

If you are in pursuit of good fights, and opportunities to learn, grow, and help others do the same, you may be in the right place.

Provi is not the safest region in New Eden, and if safety is your top priority, you may be in the wrong place. What it lacks in safety, it more than makes up for in activity and opportunity. There is a steady stream of opponents to fight, things that need building, and challenges to overcome.

Our primary goal is to collect a group of people with the same ideals. People that want to experience parts of the game that they find enjoyable and apply that to the corp. We hope to create an open, collaborative atmosphere where people can learn, try things, help their corp mates succeed.

For example, some people love pvp, so pvp on my dude. Some people really like to build things. Those two clearly work hand-in-hand. More or less, do what keeps you interested in the game and what you like.

The other goal of ours would be a bit more serious. We do want to grow, and we do want to become a force that will be acknowledged.

Imagine a standard pvp ship. Typically it can be fit a specific way, thus giving it an engagement profile. Our corp (or ‘ship’, in this metaphor) can have a much wider engagement profile if we increase the number of pilots.

We were a small corp once, but have grown over the course of a few months from a few to over 100 like-minded pilots. A desire to do things with each other, be it pvp or otherwise. As we continue to grow, we can become enabled to enjoy aspects of the game that we might not have been able to previously.

There is obviously a line between “having too much fun” and “getting things done”, but as it stands right now, that line is very thick and we have yet to cross it either way. Our modus operandi is one that allows for a lot of freedom in which way you want to play, while concurrently accomplishing corp goals.

If this is something that interests you, we’d like to strongly encourage you to find your way into any of our public comms and talk, newbros and vets alike.

What we can provide:

  • Nullsec systems (SOV), very close to Highsec for easy goods export and lowsec for solo and small scale PvP
  • Frequent fleets of all sizes
  • Experienced combat pilots in corp and alliance.
  • Generous alliance SRP
  • Robust services in home system, provided by the alliance for the industrial-minded. Everything from reprocessing to ship construction in one system.
  • Capital ship construction and combat

And of course, all of the benefits of Nullsec, including:

  • Expansive jumpbridge network.
  • Nullsec PI.
  • Nullsec Ore.

What we’re looking for:

  • Pilots wanting to make a name for themselves in a young, growing corp.
  • Industrialists of all kinds.
  • Pilots that want to get in fleets and shoot stuff.
  • Pilots hungry to learn more about the game, or eager to help others learn.
  • People who are eager to carve out their own niche in New Eden.
  • Content providers to lead pilots into fights over and over again.
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Still recruiting! 15 members and going strong. :slight_smile:

Are you a person?
Do you like to fly ships?
Can you use a keyboard and/or mouse?
Do you like to share angry stares with your computer while you both eat a hamburger?

If at least 3 of these things apply to you (4/4 is a bonus), please swing by our public channels and hang out! We’re always looking for people like us who enjoy at least 3/4 of the above. :slight_smile:

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I almost made a Ugandan Knuckles meme. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it though. -.-

Instead, have something I made a long, long time ago. :slight_smile:

Knight Odds is recruiting!

Day 6. 19 members.

Killing things happening status = it’s.

Also, I forgot to post our zkill, so I added it to the above thread.

Dad joke inc.

Still recruiting!

There’s so much more to the game than mining, but if that’s something you want to do, you can certainly do it in Null. We’ve got that good ore, and ice too!

We also have daily fleets with alliancemates that act as region defense and roams, lead by a few of our own. Come blow something up, your ship or theirs. We’re not picky. :slight_smile:

Updated original post. Still recruiting! :slight_smile:

That feeling when you think your overtanked ship can handle those 2 reds on grid.


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Ahh that glorious feeling as you land in a bubble and you realize you have about 3 seconds as your ship decelerates to choose whether to burn to gate or do something else.

Knight Odds is recruiting.

Still recruiting. :slight_smile:

Overzealous tackle that burns way too far from fleet.

Still recruiting!

We’re also preparing something special for those that enjoy solo fights. :slight_smile: A bit of an entertainment piece, if you will.

Still recruiting!

When you’re updating a recruitment thread and accidentally offer everyone a way to get drugs easily.


Still recruiting!


Still recruiting!

Eve skill training.

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Still recruiting! :slight_smile:

Great corp! Really happy to see Lasker and the boys back in Provi…

Guys…get in this corp!! You won’t find an opportunity like this very often.

o7 G3


Still recruiting. :slight_smile:

Eveonline Go.

I’d play it.

Updated and added a video explaining why we’re back.

Of course, still recruiting! :slight_smile:

Do we apply in EVE or do you guys have a website?

Yo @willywonka_Orlenard!

Best way would be to join our public chan and apply directly from in-game.

Are you guys open to newer players looking to learn more about the game and of course PVP?

While we do consider ourselves newbro friendly, I’m afraid that it would be a little difficult for someone with sub 5m SP to make any isk out here.

That isn’t a hard limit, but I would highly suggest checking out all the agent missions first to find out what it is exactly you’d like to do first in the game before taking a step into an area of space that may ruin it completely. The last thing I want is to discourage pilots from playing.