Late EU/US TZ Null-Sec - Phocas Legacy - Looking to expand!

Phocas Legacy is an active group looking to expand!

Here is what we are looking for: .
✪ 18 and above
✪ 20 Mill Sp requirement (NO ALPHA TOONS)
✪ Regularly online and PVP Ready
✪ Must be on Mumble and Discord

What we offer:
✪ A part of Fraternity!
✪ Nullsec Sov
✪ Daily PVP Fleets from small gang to Full Fleets (All Timezones)
✪ Ice / +10% Ore / Great Truesec Space / Escalations Channel to sell or buy
✪ Buyback Program ( Mineral, salvage and more)

✪ Come Drink a Beer, make a meme, or just chat With US!

Contact us with the in game channel : “PH.L Pub”

Recruitement is on going!

Lets have some fun! Pixel to shoot at!

Sappy post,
come just us for killmails, memes, and isk

Lets have some fun!

Lets have some fun!

Still looking for about 200 snowflakes. Or 1 standard size fits all bro.

Recruitement on going, join the fun!

Lots of pvp content!

Recruiting active! We need more active players to take on bigger brawl!

Frags, lots of frags! join the party!

Up to the top!

Join the party!

Recruiting Open join the brawl

lots of action! sign up!

Bumping for more fun!

Corp is growing! Lets have some fun!

Recruiting open!

Boom!, on going recruitement!! Lots of action going on! Join the fuN!

Recruiting is open!