USTZ / EU - WH Corporation - Phocas Legacy

Phocas Legacy is an active W-Space corporation living out of a C4 with C3/C5 Static.

We are offering a wide range of activities. Looking for players who wants to share the thrill of building an active community.


Þ Works well with others
Þ Player looking for content and PVP
Þ Able to probe (cause you know WH living)
Þ Min 15 mill SP


þ A relax and friendly environment
þ Training new wormholer
þ Frequent roams (Seeking targets all over EVE universe)
þ Buy back program (Everything WH has to offer - Loots, Ore, Ice, Blue loots, Salvage)
þ PVE - Solo and Group opportunities (To support PVP and personal projects)
Þ Excellent PI WH
þ Pathfinder mapping system
þ Discord communication

For more questions

þ Join our ingame channel for more informations

PH.L Pub

Recruiting is on going, join us into the depth of the eve univers!

Looking for more pilots to PVP with!

Lets pvp together!

experience the WH way!

Lets pew!

recruitment is on going!

recruiting is on going, bump to the top

good isk, good pvp, just need more to fleet up and run around killing ships!

Recruitement open all day!

Recruitement open!

Slowly growing!

Recruiting is on going, join us in the action!

recruiting and kicking!

I will attempt contact in game as soon as I’m able to, but is there a way I can contact a recruiter for some questions answered before hand?

Recruiting is on going!

Recruiting is Open!

Things are taking shape!

Growing, slowly

Still kiciking! Adopt the WH life!