Launcher breaks again - can we please get another way to access?

Hi, this is not an issue-discussion, rather a general opinion about the Launcher.

Since todays Launcher Update killed the thing for me, due to OS version incompabilities, I’ve been thinking about the hundreds of threads in the past couple of weeks, all of which circled around Launcher trouble.

Now, the Launcher is not the game and despite being super comfy, it’s bad when that which is supposed to make things easier breaks stuff.

CCPwhoeverisdoingthelauncher: can we get a non-graphical Launcher please?

I’d be okay with launching my accounts like:

./evelauncher-ng --acc 0 --srv tq


Same here, I can’t start the game after todays DT.

I’m on Linux (using Linux Launcher).
If I start the launcher instead of being able to log in my accounts, there is a button in the middle called “LOGIN WITH EVE” (never seen this one before)
If I click it, I get new window “Log in to Your account”, after loggin with my account/password and hitting “Log In” all I get is a white window.
Can’t launch the game at all. Hopefully somebody sees this and fixes it for us.


While my Launcher worked after this update, it is a weird way to change the thing.

Seriously, CCP, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I like the fact that the launcher no longer lets you press ‘Play’ before the progress-bar at the bottom of the screen completes, I was forever getting failed log-ons from pressing it too early.

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