Launcher do not work

the launcher stopped working for no reason, everything else on the computer works great, deleted the game, tried to reinstal but the same problem the launcher does not work, sory for bad english, i not want reinstal windows beacus one game do not work, any ide whot can i clean? ( mi ready delete all folders game iclude them hidden) or mayby som program?
i ask suport but they have no idea, thay ask about crash report but i ready delete it… strange, i have game on other computer same windows10home, and work… so wtf?

ive had same problem before, if your through steam, just uninstall then delete all eve from where ever it was installed. and redownload the installer from the eve site and not steam, but when installed launch through steam which fixed mine, only problem i had is that i have a new acc on steam lol.

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