Launcher does not work

I still cannot even start the launcher…i click on it and…nothing…not even the EVE logo…it simply does not connect. I tried like 4 other games,mmog and spg with online obligation and 8 different websites…they all work fine so it’s clearly a problem on EVE’s side…the launcher simply does not open.

Where do you try to open it from?
I cannot open it from Steam. I had to create a shortcut from the game folder onto my desktop.

I’m currently in Eve via Steam…just logged in a few minutes ago…seems fine.

The shortcut the launcher itself created on my desktop during the installation of the new launcher…Never changed it…And clicking the launcher directly in the eve folder does not work also…

Found it…ONLY if you create a shortcut from eve online folder app-1.2.9 the shortcut works…NOT from folder app-1.2.7 or app-1.2.8…strange error because the shortcut POINTS to folder 1.2.9 as it should be,it just does not work for some reason…Maybe folder app-1.2.9 was renamed several times and the pointer still points to a (wrongly named) app-1,2.7 or app-1.2.8 which are wrong…idk :slight_smile: anyway…it works…

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