Launcher freeze EVERY time when i'm closing it

Not real problem but annoying.
How to fix it?

Okay, so I found a bunch of people saying they had launcher freezing issues, but you’re the only person who has seemed to have had them when closing the launcher. So, I don’t know if this stuff will work for you, but some of it is pretty easy to try.

  • Run the Launcher as admin
  • Running Eve.exe from the Installation directory
  • Deleting the Launcher Cache- the folder is supposed to be at C:\Eve\Launcher Cache, but I can’t find it. This support article talks about clearing “client side cache”, but I don’t know if that would be the same thing as the launcher cache or not. Regardless, this worked for a bunch of people, so it might be an option worth exploring.

Also, if you do get this fixed, please come back and tell us how you did it. It might help the next person with the same issue.

There is already a topic with this problem on the forum Launcher crash on Exit
But there is no fix yet.

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