Launcher is stymied by loss of SSD

My SSD where Eve was on died. It is gone. Other SSD are available. The Launcher does not let me move the directory, because it is gone. It also does not ask to move the location. This should be added asap, because right now, I have no other way than to uninstall the launcher, do the tedious task of finding all remnants in registry, files etc to make sure I can somehow move the location after.

This kind of tinkering should not be necessary these days. I should be able to force move the directory and then verify, where all files get downloaded again.

But I guess this is getting ignored again, just like the 2FA issue that is still not fixed. Brings no money for CCP, so we are not doing it, right?

I’m having this exact issue, the launcher is saying the game is running, but the game doesn’t exist on the computer. I am unable to find a work around at this time, but am continuing to work on it.

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