New Launcher is pointing cache to a defunct drive - need help changing

I tried the new launch and it asked if I wanted to save the cache on my M.2 drive. I was like, “Wow! My computer sees my M.2 drive again!” Nope. That was not the case. Now the cache points to E:/Eve/SharedCache where the drive letter E: is my former M.2 drive which Windows 10 will not detect or recognize. (I’ve spent hours trying to fix my M.2 to no avail.)

Please help me change the E:/Eve/SharedCache to my normal C:/Eve/SharedCache. Is there a file I can simply edit the correct location in to?

The button - Move Game Files Directory - does not work and reads: Could not move game files. We could not move the game files to the new location. Please make sure that you have write access to the new location and that the game is not running.

I assume it just cannot access E: drive and that is what is really triggering the error.

I’m not tech savvy. I need step-by-step instructions with no assumptions.

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