Launcher Update: Ability to Check Server Connection / Profile Management Tool - Removed

What the Hell… Why???


I also don’t see a way to back up the settings anymore.

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Since we won’t get a straight answer from CCP I’ll give you my answer for what it’s worth ( little ).

Why? Because they can, because it’s their game, because they’re removing anything that may help players figure things out.
Same for stuff in-game, if they know it helps you they remove it or nerf it so you have to spend more of your time, more of your money to accomplish things that shouldn’t take so long or cost so much to accomplish.

Take that gate jumping for exemple. Why can’t we jump two, three or five systems at a time? To make you spend more time doing something that should only take a few minutes, to put you in a position of sitting duck so you can get ganked. Want to jump more than one system at a time? You have to spend time and money to get a big-a* ship with that jump drive, spend time and money to skill into it and spend time and money to fit it…
Every ship that explodes is more money for CCP while you’re only bleeding money and time and they call it “fun”. Yea, fun for them.

So ability to check server connection and backup settings are gone. Do you think it bothers them? As long as their money-making operation is profitable you can ask all the questions you want, doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer and one that makes sense.

obscurantism is in fashion

So will the tool be replaced with something else???
I used it to have the same unified profile across all characters and to be able to use the same profile in the test server.

From CCP Support page:

Profile Management Tool

October 25, 2016 13:59

Settings are stored in profiles, when a user makes changes to their settings within the game they will be saved to the currently selected profile. Users can have as many profiles as they wish and each profile can have a separate set of settings. The profile management tool allows users to create custom profiles for each account or character. To manage profiles, click on the cog wheels next to the user account name.

Not sure what’s different on your side but both Network Diagnostics and Client Settings work fine.

This is what I get when I click on the cog now with v6.5.0 (you have v6.4.20)


A-B testing gone wrong perhaps? I wasn’t offered a launcher update at all today. When downloading from Download the free EVE Online client (launcher) for Windows or Mac the launcher version offered is 1878290 which matches the launcher version in the “About” window for version 6.4.20.

Best guess, you may have ended up with a half-baked update pushed out by mistake.

My launcher version is 1878290 and 6.5.0 is the Launcher User Interface.

Hope the fix this :poop:

It’s called beta version for a reason. Change version to “release” to get old launcher (‘tools/cache’ tab)

also, if you gonna edit first post and move this to #issues-workarounds-localization:eve-launcher there is better chance that devs will see this discussion

Can I move the thread… how?

Just made a new post in Launcher section:

So please post in the new one… Thanks everyone… Fly Safe o7

Changed version back to “release”. Beta I guess is the default. Everything back to the way it was :grinning:
Hope the new “release” won’t have this problem…but knowing CCP :smirk:

Maybe they plan to move the settings to the cloud to better support EVE Anywhere. >.>

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