Newest launcher version 1889623

It lost the ability to refresh the launcher but the launcher still does not show running clients after CCP force closed it. Even closing and reopening the launcher does not fix this, only Refresh did occasionally. Why was the Refresh feature removed and why is CCP not fixing this issue that the launcher does not recognize running clients?

When you open the menu via the cog wheel, you cannot close it anymore via the cog wheel and instead you have the move the mouse to the X.

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Look like it also lost the ability to switch profiles of an account.

I used different profiles for different scenarios (mining, pvp, jumpfreighter travel). Each profile had different settings for resolution and UI (chat windows, overview, dscan, etc.) placement. But after todays patch I can’t switch them anymore.


Confirming the above, with this latest launcher (UI) update. Launcher force closed/refreshed/updated. Refresh option is now gone, and when you open the settings menu via the cog wheel icon, you can no longer close it via the cog wheel and instead you have to move the mouse to the X. Also the option to individually link accounts to a cache folder location, for individual client (profile) settings, is also gone.

I was having the exact same problem, they updated the launcher right between me swapping profiles for my accounts, must fix ccp what the heck. I don’t even know what profiles my accounts are using right now so I can no longer mirror settings between accounts.

Yep, it looks to have been removed without just so much as a peep about it. The entire profile management function is just gone from the launcher.

Normally I don’t care much about launcher changes as they are fairly unobtrusive, but cutting out a large chunk of functionality as this for no apparent reason and without any warning is a really bad move.

I have been using this ever since it was implemented to load profiles depending on what I will be doing. The profles themselves still exist (and I backed them up as soon as I saw this mess) and can be copied around manually, but that’s not something I’d be ok with to have to do from now on.

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Another issue with the removed Refresh feature is that you cannot trigger patching the client without restarting the launcher. This is necessary because #CCPQualityCoding never triggers the patching process on its own.

I opened a ticket and a GM just told me the removal of this feature was actually intentional.

Like, CCP why? It was so useful to quickly launch accounts on different monitors with different resolutions in addition to the user usecases already mentioned here.

I just received the same reply.

I have watched many of my spacefriends over the years quit the game over one such change or another, and always felt they were over-reacting, but this Profile Management Tool removal is end game for me.

I cannot fathom a reason why they would remove this, other than to just screw over long time and multiple account players. Thanks CCP, you’re probably doing me a favour anyway.

It’s fairly sub-par from CCP implementing this launcher (UI) patch without any forward notice to their player base/customers, as well as putting out no dev blog regarding it — for clarity or potential workarounds for those variously relying on the Profile Management Tool functionality (since you can only log in via the launcher, not front end anymore). Bearing in mind this was a post-downtime patch that was implemented for the launcher yesterday (about 4 hours post-dt).

It would’ve been much like CCP implementing the new ‘star’ map, without allowing you the option to rollback, or ability to still use the old ‘star’ map. Why remove options of functionality from the game ?

Also for those looking to somewhat retain a version of their previous profile settings for their clients, courtesy of GM Telomer :

The profile manager tool was removed from the launcher, as such, if you used a different profile from the default profile, your settings would have been reset. In this case, to restore your previous settings see the following steps:

  • Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard while pressing R (this will open a run window).
  • Copy and paste the following line into the run window: %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\
  • You should see a few folders there. One will be named after where your sharedCache folder is located on your hard drive such as (c_programdata_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility), open this folder.
  • Search for the folder that has the name you used in your last profile, for example, the name would be “settings_ProfileName”
  • Delete the “settings_default”.
  • Rename the profile folder that contains your preferred settings and rename it “settings_default”.
  • You should also make a copy of this folder in case you lose your settings again.
  • If you lose your settings again copy the folder back and your settings should be restored to what they were when the folder was copied. If you make any changes to your settings, you should create a new backup.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to launch different accounts using a different profile. If you would like to comment on this change, please do so in the general feedback thread for the latest patch:

Version 19.02 - General Feedback

We have released a new Launcher version which brings back the Client settings tool. This change is now live on the latest version of the launcher.

To access the Client Settings tool simply Right-Click the Launcher icon in the system tray.

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Roll back deployed, thanks for responding to feedback CCP :+1:

I just had the experience that the launcher tried to update the client data and got stuck. The progress bar at the bottom was dark grey and when I tried to start a client, the launcher told me I could not do that because of ongoing patching. In the past, you could use the Refresh function to unstuck the launcher. Since this is gone I have to resort to the much slower and annoying restart of the launcher. Would be nice if Refresh came back or if CCP fixed their client update reliability.

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