Launcher only updates on manual restart

I find it annoying and strange, that I have to close the launcher every day to restart it and receive updates - even the “refresh” button doesnt help in this matter - I remember the launcher to automatically receive and install updates in the past - why did you disable this feature? Or are there unknown technical limitations? Then scrap this launcher and establish the old feature of legacy client. The current behaviour is on the same level - I click on a character in my launcher … Client is started and I am more often than not greeted by “Incompatible client version” - while I was hoping that the always running launcher had received the current update - like as of todays upgrade …
Please correct or explain at least!

Yes, happened to me again today. A couple of days ago, the client update trigger worked with Refresh but today it didn’t.


oh! i was just about to ask about the same thing (is there a setting for the launcher to update before starting a client that results in ‘wrong version’ error message. it seems like an ideal function for something that exists in a separate layer from the client itself. i thought maybe it was a way to discourage people from leaving their computer (and launcher) on too long :slight_smile: i didn’t see any manual “update” button so have been closing and opening the launcher which seems rather clunky. at the minimum at least do a super fast version check when “play” is pressed to tell me that it needs an update so i don’t have to wait for it to start just to logout again and restart the launcher and start the client again maybe make it eye catchingly red if it can do periodic version checks?

This broke a while back but we have a fix currently we are testing in the beta branch of the launcher, this will be fixed soon on the release branch of the launcher.

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This fix is now deployed.

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