Launcher doesn't seem to update client when launcher is kept open

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I have noticed that launcher doesn’t automatically update the client binary when it stays online, but only when it’s started. Based on short log reading, it doesn’t seem to even check if the client would need updating.

I’m not sure if this was designed change or not, but it was really handy that EVE was updated when I returned to home (as I have the launcher open all the time on my gaming VM).

Now, when I start doing EVE stuff I always start the client and get message “incompatible build” after patch days.

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It should check every 15 minutes, however it can get stuck if something fails during the check. I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue so I’m not exactly sure what causes this to happen.

(Raphendyr Nardieu) #3

Any ideas how to debug this on my end? I tried to read logs, but Id didn’t find any repeating entries like “downloading version info” or so.

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I can testify to this happening and will work on a reproduction scenario, how ever this is obviously hard to do since it revolves around the client being patched.

I leave the launcher, not the client, running almost 24/7 and seemingly after every (let’s be realistic it’s probably not every and i just dont notice when it works) patch I’m required to relaunch the launcher to kick-off the patching process.

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I noticed that I have Sisi update stuck. It’s with description Please wait.... In the log there is entries

2017-10-10T23:48:09.675Z	default	debug	handleCommand: "javascriptReady"
2017-10-10T23:48:09.676Z	default	debug	"addServers([{'name': 'tq', 'displayName': 'Tranquility'}, {'name': 'sisi', 'displayName': 'Singularity'}, {'name': 'duality', 'displayName': 'Duality'}, {'name': 'thunderdome', 'displayName': 'Thunderdome'}])"
2017-10-10T23:48:09.676Z	default	debug	Refresh already in progress
2017-10-10T23:48:09.676Z	default	debug	handleCommand: "getprofiles"
2017-10-10T23:48:09.916Z	default	debug	handleCommand: "settitlebarheight"
2017-10-10T23:48:10.269Z	web	debug	info: News list updated 1
2017-10-10T23:48:11.484Z	web	debug	info: Successfully loaded ads 1
2017-10-10T23:48:11.913Z	default	debug	QUrl("") opened succesfully

What got my attention was part Refresh already in progress. I have no idea if only one server is updated at a time, but if that is the case, then stuck Sisi progress would mean that Tq won’t be updated.

It appears that there is only one started refresh cycle after first javascriptReady and after second and so on it’s always Refresh already in progress.

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