Incompatible (build)

Every few days I get the incompatible build window when trying to log in after downtime. It’s always after downtime when this problem occurs.

I’ve twice done complete uninstall/reinstall, now today it’s once again not updating. I just get the gray bar at the bottom of the launcher. Been playing 5 years and never had this happen before.

Close the launcher and reopen it. For a couple of weeks, the launcher does not update the client automatically any more.

Yes, I’ve done that multiple times. Also tried running with DX9. Still get incompatible build

start your PC new or go to Taskmanger, there is a second Task for EVE-Launcher. Go to delete this.

Then the Update starts (I hope so :slight_smile: )

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Yes! Thank you. I restarted my computer and the launcher updated. Next time this problem occurs, I’ll look at the task manager before restarting to see if the problem can be solved there.

Thanks again

Unfortunately doesnt solve the root problem - for whatever reason the launcher refuses to update when it is already running although all clients are closed …
I find it annoying to say the least that I have to close the launcher almost every day … what was the prime reason to get rid of legacy client ? yea … simplicity and convenience – as of now the launcher is more cumbersome than managing the old legacy clients

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