Incompatible (Build)

OMG … every day after downtime … such a fight to get logged back in. Is there an easy fix that I am missing?

Yep. You have to restart the launcher to let it pull down and install EVE updates

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No, fix, only a workaround for CCP Quality Coding.

It does NOT … It did until a few days ago but no matter HOW many times I start the client it will not install the updates … I have to do that VERIFY integrity of downloaded files every down time and it takes like 10 minutes to verify 70,553 files …

I have verified 70,553 files and now the launcher does not even have the PLAY option for me … SHEESH

Its because of your name. One can hardly expect CCP to tolerate RMT of such magnitude.


Wasn’t there a message some while back where they proudly announced that the launcher doesn’t need to be restarted to download the updates after downtime. How long did that last?

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OMFG … a ONE DAY BREAK (Yesterday … I guess they did not update anything yesterday … now the same crap. No PLAY button on my Launcher after restarting it … HERE we go AGAIN !!! … bleh


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