Lost all account/character settings, Profile Management Tool didn't fix

Just returning after five years, so all my settings are back to default. So I spent days meticulously resizing my windows, Stop avoiding Jita, confirming yes I want to enter that wormhole, drones focus fire, etc. Just as I got things were I wanted them, but before doing any backups…BAM, my profile settings were lightning ganked! Power outage, lead to some sort of corruption with literally all settings reset to default. In lieu of rage-quitting Eve for another five years, I consulted the Profile Management Tool (PMT). It didn’t help, like, at all. So maybe I’m missing something. This is what I did…

  1. Default is the only profile anywhere on PMT, so I create a new profile called NewProfile. I set all of my accounts to now load from NewProfile. I then log onto my main account, main character and start resetting everything. Window resize, stop avoiding Jita, yes I’m sure I want to jump into lowsec, etc. Then I log out, restart the launcher and jump into a different account/character under the NewProfile account setting. Nothing. Everything is default. None of those changes that I made on my main under “NewProfile” in TQ server applied to other charcters when I load them under NewProfile.
    So then I figured…okay, maybe NewProfile isn’t shared between accounts, and perhaps each account/char is using its own, separate profile that just happens to share the same name? If this is the case, that is un-intuitive and bad design, so please fix it. So I tried something else.

  2. After getting everything the way I like it on my main account, main character, I decided to copy those settings to a New-New profile which I would then launch for all my accounts/characters. So I took my working account settings “NewProfile” and chose the copy profile option, and then renamed the copy NewNewProfile. Then I switched my other account to load under NewNewProfile settings on the launcher. Nothing. Day 1, default noob client settings.

Seriously, is the Profile Management Tool broken, or am I, or is it both? I think it’s both. I know about the method where you go into the .DAT files and you copy/save the two .dat files of you main account/char and then manually rename the copies to the obscure numeric designation of your other accounts/characters, but that’s a pretty wonky method, and it seems like the Profile Management Tool is designed to streamline that process (kind of like importing/exporting overview settings, which works fine). Can I get some direction here?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Any info would be appreciated.

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