Copy profile is not copying the profile

I configured the UI for my main. Then I clicked the cog on my alt, clicked Select Client Profile, clicked Manage Profiles then clicked Copy Profile with my main profile selected. I got a new profile on the right side (Tranq). I renamed it to my alt. I clicked close. I selected the new profile from the drop down. I clicked Apply.

I logged in my alt. UI is completely different, default setup, none of the configuration settings for my main appear in it.

Copy profile applies to a bunch of launcher-hosted settings, not in-game settings; those live elsewhere. I don’t recall where off the top of my head, and it’s been made MUCH hard to port them between characters and clients than it used to be.

What on earth is the point of it.

It manages things like client window position at launch and other nob-character-UI settings.

So for all my alts, I have to manually configure them in game. OK. I think I’ll just log out.

I believe that is currently the case, yes - but if it works the same now as a year-ish ago, you can control client display settings (graphics, sound, window position, etc) on a per-account basis by assigning them to specific profiles. For example, having account A launch full-screen windowed with high-end graphics settings and all sound enabled, while account B launches in a small window in potato mode with only specific audio piped.

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