Lead Invasion Team [L-I-T] is recruiting!

[L-I-T] is a high sec corp of friendly players who play the game to learn and have fun as a team. We cater to a mix of playstyles including mining, mission running, Abyssals, and PvP roams. Our planned activities are based on the interests of our members, and everyone’s voice matters. We are a flexible group, and we will do try our hardest to accommodate the wants and needs of our members.

What we offer:

- Experienced leadership (20+ years combined EVE experience)

- Low tax rate (3%)

- Ore buyback program (We use the ore to make ships for members)

- Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for Corp approved Operations/Fleets

- Stocked hangars for members wanting to test out fits/ships

- Moderated Discord Server with helpful guides on requested topics

- Friendly, active, and experienced leadership

- Training programs for people who want more responsibility 

Prerequisites for Joining:

- Pulse (zombie free zone)

- 18+ (We are a community of adults)

- New player (Newbro) friendly!

- Friendly attitude

- Willingness to get on Discord and interact with the community

- Willingness to interact with corp members in-game

We look forward to hearing from you. Join “LIT PUB” in-game today, or reply here to start the quick recruitment process!

Awesome corp joined a few days ago come join us for more fun.

Bump For an awesome corp

Stop by LIT Pub and join in on the FOB killing fun!


Bumpity bump

Bumpity bump

[L-I-T] is still recruiting!

LIT is still recruiting! Plenty of mining, mission, Abyssal, and PVP fun to be had!

LIT is still recruiting! Plenty of mining, mission, Abyssal, and PVP fun to be had!

LIT is still recruiting! Don’t miss your chance. We have a lot of experience to draw from in various areas of the game. We want YOU, today!

Back to the top! We are still recruiting!

Back to the top! L-I-T is still recruiting!

L-I-T is still recruiting! Stop by our channel LIT Pub and chat today!

Our doors are still open!

Bumpity bump. Still recruiting!

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