[LECIA] Intellectus Hiatus is recruiting! - HS Indy Corp

Hey there! Are you looking for a place in EVE Online where you can have fun, meet new friends, and pursue your interests? Our little group might be just what you need! We’re a small corporation based in Kador, near Amarr trade hub. Our location is pretty quiet, which means we can enjoy activities like mission-running, mining and other like abyssal deadspace, exploration, and ratting without interruption.

We own structures that provide great opportunities for our members. With us, you’ll be able to get involved in manufacturing, research, copying and invention, as well as moon mining. We have weekly moon pulls, so you can get in on the action and make some serious ISK. We also have an ice belt nearby, and with our reprocessing bonuses and compression services, you’ll get more out of your ores than anywhere else.

While mining, we also provide Orca boosts to maximize your profits. Our focus is on mission-running and mining, but we’re pretty open-minded and flexible. We’re happy to try new things if that’s what our members want!

But it’s not all about the game - we’re just a few friends who decided to start our own corporation after our previous one disbanded. We’re looking for like-minded people who are open to having a good time while playing EVE casually. We’re not just a corporation looking for numbers - we’re looking for new friends to share our adventures with!

So if you’re looking for a friendly group of people who enjoy playing EVE Online casually, why not give us a try? We’d love to meet you and welcome you into our community.

Contact Davina Spectre ingame - or alternatively join our Discord if you’re interested!

As the great poet Tyler the Creator said: “Sometimes you just need to close the door, to open a window”

You sir, are a gentleman, and a scholar!

You’re not my dad

Legend has it that LECIA was formed by the sons of Prometheus.

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