~Legatus Arms~ looking for veteran leadership and beginner pilots!

We are a fairly new corporation looking for some experienced players to fill leadership positions and even more beginner or returning players to fill the ranks! This is a new player friendly corp that provides learning opportunities and ISK making! Here at Legatus, you surely will have a roll and a purpose!

We have goals and active

Corporate Activity

  • Organized Mining Operations
  • Moon Mining and Refinery
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Mission Fleets
  • Whatever opportunities we can offer to make a profit!

What we offer off the bat

  • A an opportunity for all players to contribute one way or another
  • Mining incentive programs and boosted fleets
  • Role based corp structure that involves everyone
  • Regular corp meetings and communication

Early corp goals

  • Financial stability through mining and manufacturing
  • Hold corporate events to establish fleet and ops leadership
  • Run mission, mining and roaming fleets
  • Spread our influence like the plague!

What is asked of applicants

  • Have Discord account for basic communication (not required what-so-ever)
  • Come with a willing and contributing attitude to a team
  • Take part of a recruitment survey (DM in game)
  • Thoroughly enjoy playing the game

Recruitment Status: :red_circle: CLOSED
HQ: Ziona - Domain
AO: Mobit
Channel: lgarm.join
Discord: https://discord.gg/3SKwXVz

CEO: Dallas Phillips (ya I know its not creative but neither was I when I started playing…)


-friendly bump- also, discord invite is invalid. you may want a new one. hit me up in game if you want some friendlies to fly with while your corp grows. o7

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Leader is nice, good so far.

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Good and Friendly ppl here

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Are you still recruiting? Just came back to the game after a break. I have a decent stable of PvE toons. Orca pilot, freighter pilot, and a mission/pvp toon. They all have okayish indy skills but I would love to develop those some more. Currently just tinkering around in Essense feeding ships and modules to the FW market. I’d love some company and guidance though. Your corp sounds like what I’m looking for this go round. US player usually active between 10 PM-1:30 AM eastern Tuesday-Saturday and available even more Sun/Mon. Shoot me an evemail and we can arrange for more appropriate communication. I’d like to contribute.

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Laid back and relaxed atmosphere. I’m gonna like it here.

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Low key and relaxed people who just enjoy playing the game. Leadership has a good vision and ambitions. Great ground floor opportunity for newbros and oldbros. I’m actually having fun with Eve again.

I got burned out with the null sec cycle of get in, get used, and rage qui…erm… take a 6 month break thing. Decided to go ahead and give the HiSec indy corp thing a try. Been with these guys about a week and I’m liking it. A bit of a culture shock but it’s fun. If you are burned out with null sec I highly reccomend Legatus. These guys are cool. And if you are new and looking to learn indy they have some knowledgeable guys here and friends in other corps that help out. Growing community and non-toxic atmosphere. They are small now but I see a decent future for them. Fun times ahead.

Daily bump.

We need miners. Generous Buyback program. Mining Events. Orca Boosts.

Bump. Need miners, mission runners, laid back people to play with.

Still looking for miners, industrialists, and missioners to round out the gang.

Regular mining fleets USTZ. Special Events.
Alpha/Omega welcome.

New for Legatus Armament 2019.
Scheduled Mining Ops. USTZ
New Player training
WH roams.
Come join the fun, make a little ISK, and help this thing grow.
Non-Toxic atmosphere
HiSec Casual friendly
great opportunities

Seriously. Come chew rocks with us!

Hey we are growing and things are looking up. Will you be one of those who can say I was there when they got started…you will if you join today.

Nice group of peopl. If you like mining and industrial stuff def check us out.

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