~Legatus Arms~ looking for veteran leadership and beginner pilots!


(Dallas Phillips) #1

Brand new corp looking for some experienced players to fill leadership positions and beginner players to fill the ranks! This is a new player friendly corp that provides learning opportunities and ISK making!

Corporate Activity

  • Mining Operations
  • Moon Mining
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Mission Fleets
  • Whatever opportunities we can offer to make a profit!

What we offer off the bat

  • A an opportunity for all players to contribute one way or another
  • Mining incentive programs and boosts
  • Role based corp structure that involves everyone
  • Regular corp meetings and communication

Early corp goals

  • Financial stability through mining and manufacturing
  • Hold corporate events to establish fleet and ops leadership
  • Run mission, mining and roaming fleets

What is asked of applicants

  • Have Discord account for basic communication
  • Come with a willing and contributing attitude
  • Take part of a recruitment survey (DM in game)
  • Thoroughly enjoy playing the game

Recruitment Status: :large_blue_circle: OPEN
HQ: Ziona - Domain
AO: Mobit
Channel: lgarm.join
Discord: https://discord.gg/3SKwXVz

CEO: Dallas Phillips (ya I know its not creative but neither was I when I started playing…)

(William Hazel) #3

-friendly bump- also, discord invite is invalid. you may want a new one. hit me up in game if you want some friendlies to fly with while your corp grows. o7

(Dallas Phillips) #9

Needing some bites folks!

(William Highboren) #10

Leader is nice, good so far.

(Vivi Flamez) #11

Good and Friendly ppl here

(Dallas Phillips) #12

Still looking for inspired players new and old!

(Dallas Phillips) #14


(Dallas Phillips) #15

Miner or Industrialist? Come on over!

(Dallas Phillips) #16

Looking for ambitious new players. Come on over and join the discord channel!

(Dallas Phillips) #17


(Dallas Phillips) #18