Legion/ Logi Alt 12.6 Mil SP REDUCED

WTS this alt https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Arvin_Maki PW 12345

I use him as a logi alt and he can fly a legion. For the legion I fly a brick tanked armor buffer fit with cyno five so he doesent have much in the way of dps skills and gun skills. He does however have all subs to five and cyno five.

Contact me in game for information or offers.

I will pay transfer fee
All CCP rules apply

Starting bid is 8 Bil
Buyout is 10.5 Bil

I am for sale

7.5 bil

I would just extract it for that priceā€¦


8.5 bil

Bump!!! Im back and the hurricane dident kill me!!! Still for sale

Bump still for sale

to the top

Bump Bump Bump it up


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