WTS 61m SP Apostle, Ark, Guardian, Legion pilot

Hello ! I am selling myself and I will become your favorite alt.

pswd : 123

Positive Wallet.
Positive Sec Status.
In NPC corp
No Killrights.
Located in Jita 4-4
1 Remap.
1 Hisec JumpClone with improved memory and intelligence implants

Can fly :
Apostle with T2 Triage
Ark with JDC 5 and JFC 5

Comes with some reprocessing skills
Starting bid : 55b
Buyout 65b

52b isk.

55 bil


Up we go :grinning:

58b for 24 hrs

OK Flightleader, I accept your bid, can you send me isk and your account name by eve mail please ? If I got all I need I’ll start transfer once home from work.

sent and sent

Transfer in progress, thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy your new character.

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