WTB Logi alt toon max 20bil budget


Im in the market for an alt that can fly Zarms and Guardians with tech 2 light & medium drones.

Req skills:
Amarr Cruiser V
Logi V
Precursor Cruiser V
Remote armor rep V
Skills for light and med T2 drones
Cap emission IV or V
Core ships ships (“The Magic 14” + Armor, Nav, Targeting [you know the skills actually needed to fly these ships properly])
Must have either an attribute respec available or perception/willpower 27/21.

Not Essential but very nice to have:
Cybernetics V
Heavy Drones IV
Drone support skills (all at IV)
covert ops with covert cloak
3 jump clones

Now, I believe I can get all these skills in a toon for around 10 million skill points. Obviously its going to be very specilized to do that and Im not expecting that here.

I’ve got isk waiting, what have you got?

Still looking

Still on the look out

Daily Bump

Still looking for a logi alt.

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