WTB 20-30 m Mission and scanning /hacking Pilot

If your character has 20m skills, I would expect him to have a good base and be able to fly a t3/T4 Missions

If your character has 30m skills, I would like him to have a good grounding in the various races of cruisers and battleships Black ops and have all scanning/hacking at level5

What’s your budget on this? I have a 27m focused Amarr lvl 4 mission / Incursion runner. Currently flying a Paladin (full T2 fit), but has cruiser, BC & BS at 5. Doesn’t have Black Ops though and has scanning skills at 3.

do you habe you a actuall skill tree for me?

Sorry yea, that would help … xD

Character Skills

sorry but the link you posted works only for you. SkillQ allows you to monitor your skills in a single place using any browser on your desktop or mobile device.

you must post in this format e.g. use skillboard.eveisesi


from the name you mother Language is German?

So Please Post the skilltree agian and maybe what do you will sell for a price , maybe we are find together

Thank you

Sorry, not super used to this. This works for you?

Eveisesi link

only half, you must registered you acount with login at eve online and the click at eveisesi at our character and copy the full link

at the actuall link i see only the overwiev of all charakters

sorry about this

Try again bud, it would appear that by default, it adds characters as private.

yes now it works what do you thing for a price, is not a hacking / scanning Pilot but ok the way to

Looing for something around 17.5bill I guess.

with 16 B we have a deal

Yea OK, can do.

Pass me the details and give me like 30 minutes to empty assets. I’ll leave the character in High sec, with a positive wallet. There’s no killrights etc, just to confirm. :slight_smile:

Confirming sale for 16b for myself. :wink:

Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
No active Jump Clones
Located in High Sec (Ashab)

you can have more time because i am at business trip and will be back home in 2 days at Friday then can you send the isk.

for the ccp legal reason please post with the selled character in this post all the requirements please

C. You must disclose the following information

1. Wallet balance.
You must disclose whether the character being sold has a negative balance in its wallet and the amount. As the ISK received for the character sale is transferred directly to the character for sale, that character gets in virtually all cases a positive ISK balance. It’s up to the seller to remove only so much ISK as that the character is still in the plus prior to transfer.

2. Kill rights
You must disclose if there are kill rights on the character for sale. Kill rights you possess on other characters are to be treated as assets and not included in the character listing.

3. Jump clones
The seller must disclose whether jump clones are located in 0.0, lowsec or highsec space and may for example not claim the character for sale character is able to fly ship X or Y when that is clearly not the case.

4. Character location.
The location of the character must be disclosed and whether it is in high security, low security, null sec or wormhole space. You must also state if the character is in space or in a station.

ok please read at Friday 10 UK Time the treat here i posting about the money transfer

Sure thing, before I move the Paladin, you interested in buying it with the character? It’s a solid setup for L4 missions or Incursions. Yours for 2.5 bill.

thank you about the paladin offer, but i thing actually not with the transfer you can add me after the transfer als friend and we can disuss about this or send alcatrazz99 ingame the fitting i will show and Maybe but realy maybe after the transfer

when possible can you set this remaining days training at Scanning Skills or black ops please

The character is on an Alpha clone atm, it can’t train those.

its ok them