WTB wormhole character(s) budget 25b

Looking for skills such as scanning, Covert Ops, T2 and T3 cruisers, SoE and Guristas cross training, and multibox battleships.


Great C5 rattle pilot. Any interest

I will consider your character if I buy another at a price that still fits my total budget.

Just realized my budget is closer to 25b with the crashing PLEX and Large Skill Injector prices.

Still looking.


Hey you can check me out. Given, you need to train a little more scanning but he has covert ops and soe/guristas cross training. Can fly t3 cruisers in a few hours of training. Has logi 5.
Not Perfect for what you want but maybe for a shot.

pw: asdf

16b b/o

Alright it’s yours for 16b :slight_smile:

Let me know if we have a deal.

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