WTB Starter toon 8-15 Mil SP

Looking for a starter toon to jump into wormhole with some training time. I’m not looking into a perfect toon but anything i can start with

Interested in wormholes activites (C2 - C3) like :

  • Scanning
  • Exploration
  • Pvp
  • Pve (Sleepers site)

SP Range : 8-15m
Price range : 4-12 Bil


Heavily trained into missiles. Would be a great tengu starter or purifer/manitcore in 6 days. Asking 4.5b

I’ll pass on your offer but thanks though

Daily bump :slight_smile:

Still searching. Feel free to post all your characters who have some criteria i search

Bump …

I was making this toon to be a Paladin alt … level 5 gunnery skills ammar battle ship 5…
needs tank and drones and nav skils yet… 2 remaps left

now I don’t want to pay for the duel training …

something you would like? 10.7 mill skills

I would like to see your Eveboard if possible, to see what i have to extract and everything

I might be interested. Can you link your eveboard please?

i need to google what the eve board is… sorry never sold a toon before like the z kill board?

enter in domain eveskillboard.com and enter the same data of your account, the same user and password you usee to launch eve.

Ypu get an option to “authorize” and nbext click a green button called “create”, click that.

In this way you dont need check api, and is the same or better then eveboard.com

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