[WTB] Starter gunnery pilot

  • from 5kk to 7kk skill points
  • gunnery skills
  • engenering skills
  • optional gallente ships skills
  • clean corporation history
  • normal name
  • at last two remaps
  • no plex transfer please
  • extra isks for more thrn 500k free skill points


Still looking.


4.9msp with 75k unallocated

I can post with character if there’s interest.

well i got a few that meet the requirements except i can only do plex transfer so if you are not willing to budge on that then just ignore this post ;). they are alpha alts i skilled up to be incursion ready. if not interesting no worries and good luck on your hunt :wink:

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gargletroth (gunnery but lasers/nightmare path)


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Salt_of_bath ( okay this one’s name is a bit off)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jacquotte_Avis_Delahaye (gunnery but projectile/mach path)

how much are you asking for?

@b4zik15 who is that question for?

What are the price ranges for all the toons being sold?

@b4zik15 if you are referring to the ones i offered to original poster i am thinking in the aprox range of around 5.5-6 bill they are all incursion ready even as alpha clone state. feel free to send a mail in game to this character with an offer for one if interested so we do not clutter up this guy’s WTB thread. do not currently have any sale threads up but could do a private sale thread if you decide to buy one of em to remain with in CCP rules.

@Sexual_Fatality trying to send you ingame mail but will not work through portal. Will you accept 5 bill for jacquotte?

sure she is a younger char the ones with older age are worth a bit more from just that alone and clean history. ill make the private sale threat and tag you in it with that char.


5 bill

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