Legion resists

It’s been a long while since I have flown a Legion. Yesterday I fit one for pvp in the simulator, transferred my fit to the ship and started out for a short roam. I checked my fitting again and found their were 0% resists across the board! Is this a bug? Do I or do I not have actual resists, even though my Legion is fully fit. Anyone know how to get those resists showing again? Any help would be appreciated.

Did you fit a polarized gun?

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Yes I did. Is that the issue, I have never used them before?

Hi Tater,

Polarized weapons have a huge damage boost, in turn they effect your resists. odd isnt it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I see now; Global resistance reduction 100%. Wow, I dodged a bullet there!

Is there actually a reason to use these polarized weapons?

I’ve seen polarized weapons used mainly in the following three areas:

  1. Stealth Bombers-since bombers are glass cannons that die quickly when tackled or fired upon anyways, you might as well fit the polarized launchers since having resists likely won’t save you even if you get caught.

  2. Polarized Oracles for AFK structure bashing - Max dps for AFK bashing of structures (mainly POCO’s)

  3. There are some polarized abyssal runner fits I’ve seen. I don’t have the link but one of the main twitch streamers was running a polarized deimos fit to run level 5 sites. Here’s a forum link to someone doing the same: Garry’s Great Abyssal Guide: solved ships & fits to run L5 abyssal sites!.

There are a lot more niche uses for them out there, but those are the more mainstream scenarios I see them being used often enought.

polarized garmur to run anomic team

polarized golem for missions that do not require huge tank (pirate invasion, zazzmatazz, unauthorized military presence )

If you can put together a fit that Reps through the damage w/o needing to worry about resisting any of it first…

If you want to build something that has no expectation of living through an attack (if they weren’t so expensive, I’d expect most Gank fits to use them)…

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