Are Polarized Energy Weapons Worth it?


Because eliminated all resistances on your ship seems like a huge disadvantage for just a little extra boost in your ship’s weapon performance and firepower.

Imagine melting the person before he knows what’s going on! Its BA in FW space!

And not only in PvP. Most popular way how to do team burner is to use polarized rocket launchers, for example.

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Think again. On my Crucifier Navy fit with two heat sinks and a T2 RoF rig, I go from 266 DPS to 323. That’s pretty much an extra unstacked heat sink.

Polarized guns are usually not worth it until they are. When they are, they straight up murder stuff if you’re doing it right.

So it’s an all or nothing prospect then? With speed burning them before they know what’s hitting them being the goal?

More or less, yeah. I mean, you can get some semblance of tank even with 0% resists. My polarized Hookbill for instance gets 5.4k EHP which is somewhat better than you’d expect from no resists. Or a dumb Nightmare fit which tanks 900 DPS w/ drugs and implants. So it’s possible to be a glass cannon rather than a paper one, but polarized fits are indeed built around being quick on the ball.

With this setup you go with HP tanking and good regen., as every hit will to 100% damage.

So where you had armour resist or shield wards/etc, you mount armour plates and layering or shield extenders, and have repair and booster modules installed to keep HP high.

Polarized don’t effect these, only effect resistances.

the good thing with polarized, is, that you don’t care if the opponent is shooting you in your resist hole :smiley:


Combine longer range polarised weapons with EWAR (disruptors, damps) and long point and you have a match made in heaven…

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what is a longer range polarized weapon ? The polarized are limited to the biggest close-range of each size, and have a reduction in range.

I have a love affair with polarized heavy assault missile launchers and polarized torpedo launchers, combined with ships, rigs and/or low slots that have a bonus to missile range: you can make people cry out to 40km plus…

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it occured to me that using dedicated ammos was always better than gettting the same values with base ammos and dedicated modules. So using javelins :


361 DPS @39km XD without any module.

Still a bit tight on fit :confused:


I think you can do better…

Sensor Damp tank is best tank when you have no resists…

I don’t like giving out fits, but to start your experiments with EFT try 800 dps with CN HAMS (920 dps with Rage) at 52 km range, while travelling at 2700m/s with a 40-50km long point. I developed this to take care of the plague of T3 cruisers in low sec.

Its big brother does around 1380 dps CN torps or 1800 dps rage (more with implants) at 50 km range while travelling at 2050 m/s with a 45-55 long point…

Lots of fun to fly - just make sure you don’t get blobbed and you have full control over distance at the start of the engagement. Oh - and these are fits for solo fights - you are going to need all three damps.

There are better fits - but if you have to ask for them your’re not ready to fly these glass cannons…


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indeed, the double LASB were not really useful and putting a strain on the fit.

What’s the price tag for the orthrus ? 1b5 ?

Polarized are a niche weapon and that niece is bashing. I’ve seen dirt cheap Praxis’ dishing out close to 1500DPS for around 150M. Can’t be beat (I think).

Good luck though when the Trig show-up.

There are no polarized 250mm Artillery. :frowning:

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