The Polarized Module Section

So far there are Polarized weapons but what about other modules such as Polarized ECM?

Unless you are flying a dedicated ECM ship you wouldn’t be able to fit a Polarized ECM module.

Optimal range would be 1,500 meters with a falloff of 10km.

After three cycles the Polarized Module becomes burnt out requiring repair in a station or at a citadel.

Causes damage to all modules fit on the ship due to the excessive energy burden placed on the ship.

Can only fit one Polarized ECM module to a ship at a time.


+3 to base ECM strength
10% increase to ECM on each cycle.

Having ships that take advantage of the Polarized module would create the next tier in the Fast Attack Battlecruiser role as Fast Attacking Support Ships would now be able to accompany Fast Attack Battlecruisers such as the Talos.

Polarized weapons (of any type) negate a ship’s resistances, and aside from a very niche role were basically DOA when introduced. We don’t need to extend polarized weapons into EW.

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