Lets talk about smartbombing and heavy macro usage

Yes I checked that myself. The bombs are not activated simultaneously, they are going one by one. Doesn’t matter.

It is simply not humanly possible to press 39 buttons consistently, and even without a failing a single bomb button order or pressing any key, all in 2 seconds timeframe no matter what kind of excuse is he using now. It was pedals in december 2022. So it is a special keyboard now? Isn’t that a keyboard that allows you to make a macro with a ms delay by any chance? :smiley:

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Hheheh… well… you don’t need a keyboard with macro delay, you can install the Auto Hot Key and write a script with delays between the activations… this would be agains the EULA, I asked a gm :joy:

:rofl: you didn’t get it, it seems…

Honestly I am not interested about this guy and proving he is cheating or not. I only used him to show that the macro usage is being used and really wanted to just discuss where is the line because I am not sure myself. But for some reason nobody wants to discuss that :slight_smile:

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