CCP - Please let us group smartbombs!

Its a pain when all other turrets and missiles can be grouped up in a single F1 shortcut, and we smartbombers have to actually click a bunch of f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 keys to do the same thing.

Any particular reason we cant group up smartbombs?

Make it possible please.



This is a fantastic idea really. As long as you’re only grouping identical smartbombs (just like with turrets and launchers), this would save keystrokes and potentially a lot of server load doing AoE calculations.

+1. Solid idea.

EDIT: Just tossing this out here, keep in mind that cap management will become a nightmare if you grouped a full rack of smartbombs because you’d need enough cap to fire them all at once instead of being able to stagger them. Doesn’t impact the quality of the idea, just pointing out that it would come with a downside.

Would mean the AoE hit calcs would only need to be done once per group, so there’d be a performance benefit too

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If you group enough SB can you one shot drones before they can be recalled with an opening salvo?

Unless you’re incredibly slow on the keyboard, you can already do that without grouping (assuming you have enough smartbombs to do sufficient damage).

Thanks to the magic of server ticks, it would be at least three seconds after you activate your first smartbomb before the drone’s owners could successfully issue a recall command (1 sec for your command to register, 1 sec for drone’s owner to see the damage, 1 sec for the recall order to register). And that’s assuming zero latency, and that the drones would exit smartbomb range immediately, so really it’d be more like 4 or 5 seconds at least.

If you can’t spam 1-8 inside of five seconds, you’re probably not going to have a good experience in EvE…