Leviathan Pilot

As the title states, looking to buy a Levi pilot. Just sitting skills is fine, but would prefer at least entry level fitting skills.

Post characters here or message me privately.

Edit: If it is beyond a sitter, SHIELD skills only please

I suggest to add “WTB” to the topic of this thread

It has a “buying” tag :slight_smile:



IV Levi pilot + V Phoenix

Looks good. Not really looking for the dread skills, but it’s not a huge problem.

What are you looking to get for the character?

42m SP, I’ll offer 30b to start.

still looking, bump

Please create your own post if you are looking to buy characters.

Still looking.



Hi i wtb leviathan pilot

Combat Levi Pilot. Interested?


Looking to sell this char if interested mail ingame :slight_smile:

or message here

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