LF C5 Partner

o/ Capsuleers

At the moment I have my C5 system that I have set up shop in, I’m making good money here just by myself but I am looking to expand my operations with a couple partners. Would be looking at throwing down a fortizar in here and getting capitals and fleet doctrines in here soon for home defense. At the moment I am just focused on making isk but eventually I want to expand to small scale warfare with other equal sized wormhole groups.

I would like to stress that I am new to wormhole space and I’m not looking for corpmates, but I am looking for equal partners that can go in on this adventure together with me - Partners I can theory craft with and learn the ropes of WH space, creating our own doctrines and finding the best ways to make money and pvp. If you’re of the adventurous type and into startups/new things I would love to have you join on this experience :slight_smile:

What I would need from you:

-Useful Alt account (Scanner, Logi, Links or Capital Alt)

-Active and Play in US TZ (00:00-05:00)

-Looking to build a tight knit friendship

-Microphone and discord

About me:

-Lowsec FC background

-Multiple cap capable alts

-Log in and active in space every day :slight_smile:

Let me know :slight_smile:

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