LF Corp - Great Wildlands

Are there any corps in GW Actively recruiting? I am looking for a corp who lives in GW or is looking to perhaps to start living in the area.

I’m not interested in sov at all, I am also not interested in Highsec, just corps who are established in GW Already or who are maybe looking to move there to live.

Please reply here only, I am not responding to in game evemail.



hey we are not in gw but we are in curse just next to gw come say hi if interested

Lacuna Fullfilment<
Null sec indy corp protected by PVP members
New player friendly, 0% tax

still on the lookout for my forever home.

Just bumping this post again as I am still looking for a suitable corp. To be honest I’d also consider maybe trying to start something up with some like minded people also. If anyone is up for a challenge and is genuinely interested in putting if the effort with me.

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