Returning LF Corp in Great Wildlands. **Cut & Paste replies will be ignored**

Firstly please take the time to read this short post.

Title says it all, me and a friend are back in the game and we are specifically looking for a corp who are based out of great wildlands.

We’re both in EU Timezone, our only requirement from you is that you’re active and use comms. PVP is a bonus.

Feel free to convo me ingame if you fit our very limited but strict requirements.

we are a freshly established corp in great wildlands we are experienced PVP pilots with everything to gain, we are looking for like minded chilled guys to fly with, we are active and have a strong BF like any corp in GW who have daily fleets to join in on, we fly everything from frigs to caps where ever and whenever there is a kill to be got we are there.
We are EU based
Have our own discord

hit me up in game if your interested i will drop you a brief mail in game.

A home has been found. Thanks

Just found this post, looking for a corp in Great Wildlands. I’ll drop you a PM.

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