Lf corp. High sec. L4 mission incursion. Voice chat

(Spook Yaa) #1

Just came back to eve. Looking for l4 mission runners high sec and does incursions and very active on voice comms. I usually play late at night us timezones into the early morning.

(Kadr) #2

Mercantile Suns is always looking for more people to do level 4s with us. We are very active on comms and have a good group of who is always looking for something to do.

We have many opportunities for new and old pilots to make money. We also have a pretty unique corporate structure designed to give back to those who put into the corporation.

Check us out today! Send an in-game mail to Kadr or Tony Enakai for more details. Otherwise join the MSKE channel.

(system) #3

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