92M old fart looking for hangout

Not interested in corps that require VoIP or API keys (clearly I’m a spy). Looking for some carebear place to park my butt, probably highsec, exchange fits/strategies/banter and not worry about renting fees and obligated defense fleets.

I’m mainly a disgusting L4 mission runner, with roots in mining, and run a small PI operation for fun. I haven’t done pvp for years, although I do have a considerable history as a pirate tackler (rapier fetish), but can’t say I’m terribly interested in pvp anymore with the way everything seems to be 2-3+ hour long roams.

Good luck with the no API thing

Good luck actually stopping any spies/awoxers with the API thing.

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Unfortunately the API thing is important when it comes to the game… however we have turned it into a positive by using it to help members set skilling line ups and building ships specifically for them for roams.

Check it out - you may be interested and if you enjoy the corp then great… if not just delete your API and head on your away. We will even help you to transition back to highsec if you are not happy. Lets chat!

API keys don’t do much anyway to show intent. Hope you find a cool place

Cavemen. Don’t require API’s and we are old fart and spai friendly. We use discord but we have a channel for text if you dont have a mic. We live on a high sec island in solitude/syndicate and we need indy cause we do so much pvp. We could use a miner and a lvl 4 mission runner out here to teach some of the newbros how to use BS’s.

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If your interested in WH space let me know. Shadow Flight: C4 [C3/6-S] Smart WH Operations [US/EU TZ]

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