Returning hobo old fart looking for a place to fit in

Hi to anyone taking the time to read this (and thank you for your time),
I recently started playing again after 12 years, tried my luck in a couple of
corps but, as great as they were, it just didn’t work out for me (one felt like a tight
group of friends and I felt out of place, the other had forgotten more about the game
than i’d ever know so was out of my debth (among other things).

Anyway, im 47, live in the UK so once things return to normal will be mostly playing EU times with a cheeky late night or 2 thrown in for good measure on the weekends.
First of all, i just need to say i am the filthiest of ‘filthy casuals’, i’m of that generation where games are played to be fun, and not to be like a second job. I enjoy doing several different things and tend to just do whatever the mood brings, sometimes i’ll just mine but lately have enjoyed running level 3 missions and then salvaging the wrecks.

Ideally would like to find a nice laid back casual helpful corp, where RL comes first,
where you can either be left to do your own thing while chatting in-game (and learning)
but also have the opportunity to participate in variety of activities like mining in a fleet (am about a week or so from being able to use a Porpoise, waiting on mining drone skills), running missions, Abyssal’s (something i have never done but would like to try), gas huffing, salvaging (as in clear any wrecks after missions have been run by other
members near by and split the loot and/or deposit into a corp hangar for everyone to use) and hauling, without any mandatory ops, and of course being able to make a little isk along the way. Not asking much am I, lol. I did come across a corp once called Pro Synergy , not sure if they are still going as can’t find much in game but something like that would be fun, plus an excuse to get a Noctis to salvage and blockade runner for hauling.

Would prefer high-sec as too much drama/politics/mandatory participation in null-sec from what i have heard.

If anyone from a corp happens to read this and thinks ‘this loser could fit right in with
us’, please contact here or in-game. Thanks again for taking the time to read.


You said you preferred high-sec but ill make you an offer anyway :slight_smile:

The corp im with is in Providence. It is where I went after starting out in highsec. I havent looked back. We are a mix of people between late thirties to middle fifties and have several from the UK. What you want to do in game is up to you, but we do require that you join for pvp once in a while. But we all have our own goals and try to help eachother reach them. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and i can help you sort them. If you arent interested then just move along and enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Our recruitment ad below:

Fly safe!

Hello Kevin,

I will be grateful, if you could check out our premium newsletter

I think we meet your expectations.
Please feel free to contact me in-game anytime you are willing to :slight_smile:

PS. Majority of us is in EUTZ.

Also, stay safe out there.
Merci Homelander

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Meet us on discord: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Hi bud am a old fart to that’s looking for old farts to join my corp we are uk and laidback if you want to know a little more take a look at are FAQ or pm look forward to hear from you

3,000 ships lost in your mum!

What sort of dick-tator am I?
Orlav Aldent 2020
“Dear god this has been a long time coming, I’ve been active in EVE for around 5 years. In that time I have been a lowsec pirate playing scrubby gate games and camping till the dreads drop. I have done hard time in nullsec, playing king of the hill and cloaky camping kids that 100% deserved it, 40% of the time. After nullsec burnt me to a crisp, I got lost in wormhole space and fell in love with the splash, Jspace is without a doubt the love of my life however I now find myself in lowsec once again. This time though I want to build my own community, I have spent a lot of my game time building and supporting the communities I have been lucky enough to be a part of and at long last, I want my own little crew of fruits, nuts and vegetables to unleash on the unsuspecting and uncloaked.”


  • Omega - I would love to open my doors to alphas as well, however I don’t believe that non-faction warfare lowsec space is well suited for alphas, this requirement may change however, I do value the raw fearlessness that new bros have.
  • USTZ - This is flexible, however i’m an Australian that works nightshift and that’s not going to change anytime soon, so USTZ is the best fit. I won’t discourage other TZs, however be aware that I cannot guarantee content, that’s in your court.
  • PVP - I don’t care what you do for income, I have several side ventures myself that are of the care bear kind. However when you hear the words “I’ve tackled a…”, you will be expected to back up our tackler ASAP.
  • 18+ - I’m not interested in edgelords who are edgelords for the edge. I want everyone to jell and to respect one another even if you don’t agree on everything others think or share. There are loose community guidelines that will be made clear, they are there to cultivate an open and enjoyable culture and community.

Click this link to begin

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