Returning as Casual Player

I’m looking for a casual group to socialize and do random things together. I’m not picky but I’m also not able guarantee activity on a constant basis. I’m a father and husband first, my work and school come second, and this game is low on my priority so please understand that.

I’d rather avoid null sec for many reasons in relation to convenience.
I come from small gang pvp corps that worked as mercs back when I played with commitment.
I’m now screwing around and learning R&D on my own but not reliant on it as an isk maker.
I have 130+ mil sp on this character and nearly 70 mil on one of my alts (if i choose to include it).
I’m in the EU currently and only speak English.

I don’t mind teaching what I know and helping others, however I haven’t played for several years so I may need some catching up with the changes.

Feel free to contact me in game and thank you for reading this far.

Drah Cir.

Hey there, we understand RL always comes first, and as such we are some of the most relaxed requirements going, and even then. If you have something come up and have to take an extended break, a quick message on return and you’ll be welcome back with open arms.

WASME - Likely Suspects is a 0.0 Corporation, we are looking to build up our EU/USTZ. There are daily alliance ops and there is never any shortage of things to shoot.

We have always been a PvP Corp, we have recently come back from a break from pvp after the Co2/Moa issues. We are for the fun fights, not the killboard padding. We are happily situated in RAZOR Alliance

We can offer:
Fun Fights
Nullsec Space
Capital Fleets
Friendly Atmosphere.

Feel free to get in touch with myself or drop into our recruitment channel: ‘Likely Public’.

Or join our Discord for a chat:

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Meet us on discord: :slight_smile: :smiley: =D

Hay bud am looking to get new members for my corp Titan A.i we usa and EU base corp that’s laidback and up for a laf RL always comes first and we mainly enjoy pvp if your interest drop me a message also take a look at FAQ there is a link to your discord channel in there to

Hey that sounds up our alley if you want to chat we would love to talk :smiley:

Hey! I am a wormholer looking for small gang focused pilots that are looking to possibly help build a corp. As of right now we live out of a C6-C5 wormhole. We are still setting up but we are shooting to be good to go in the next week or two. Contact me on discord @ Angron#3774 or mail me in game at Angron of Kathalon. Fly safe!

Heve a look at the police force ;o) a bit of a different approach to it all. ttys m8. **EU**EU**EU** Looking for a meaningful purpose? - New Eden Police Force

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