Null to High Sec Recruitment! Vow of Vengeance!


Corporation (Vow Of Vengeance)

Vow of Vengeance,

A Vow of a digital family: to honor, guide, grow, respect and protect each other, always.

Looking for:
Group PvP Missions/Gangs/Warfare , Exploration, , Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing and best of all new pilot friendly.

Alpha, Omega and Returning Player Friendly!

Hey There!

We are an active corporation with sign up bonuses in Null sec and are looking to add to our family. We are accepting Omega clones, but we are also willing to provide training support and encourage asking questions to Alphas in need! We understand that you have to start somewhere and it is hard to get better if you feel that you can’t ask questions without being trolled, come grow with us!

What are you interested in doing with in the world of EVE?


We are a voluntary fleet corporation/alliance/coalition, no need to set alarms or timers to get up and get online.

We do not grind till you die serious but very good at the game.

We understand this is a game and for many of us, real life always comes first yet there is still someone to partner up with for your preference of game play due to there being so many of us and there is always a fleet for you to join into for whatever activity you feel like doing.

We encourage communication and making new friends… we have many levels of that from our own Team Speak channels throughout Corporation/Alliance and Coalition, and we have in game mails and channels along with several discord channels available to you for help and assistance at any time with players from both sides of the world always online.

So if you are looking for:

A place where real life comes first, period.

A corporation with mature and experienced players that encourage growth and communication for the better

A group motivated to grow daily, try new things and work together as a team to accomplish goals

PVP focused Alliance

Access to controlled Null sec systems that contain tons of materials due to maxed ADM’s for you to harvest and make lots of ISK to upgrade all your ships

Do you want to live in Null Sec but go on shopping trips in High Sec, we have Jump Freighter services to bring all your stuff out to your new home.

Don’t want to move to Null Sec, you can still join and live in High Sec, we will purchase all your harvested materials, you can make tons of ISK with us, and you are welcome to join any fleets and explore Null Sec when you are ready.

We even have a Ship Replacement program for certain mishaps.

A place to confidently improve, grow as a team, make new friends, learn the ins and outs of the game and collaborate on open-minded fleets.

Don’t forget we also have a sign-up bonus!!! Once you join and are an active player for at least a month, you will get a 10 Million ISK thank you for being part of our group!

Do not worry about spies in our ranks. We have an extensive process to ensure all recruits are not joining to harm but to be part of a fantastic team of people all you have to do is send us your API; we will do the rest!

Do you want to know more?

Please contact one of our friendly recruiters below to have a conversation.

We will ask for your API, don’t worry if you don’t know how to get it, we can help you with that or just mail your API and request to join to any of our recruiters to start the process, we will process your request within 24 hours (Usually only takes an hour but a worse case) and advise you ASAP on our decision. After all, we are about safety. First, no spies allowed!

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you!

Welstiel & Nesca Sion
VoV Recruitment Team!

An amazing corporation!!! Only one I have ever been in and the training, group support, help in my Eve journey has been flawless! VoV for life! I go where VoV goes! :slight_smile:

hey there i would love to join if you still have space that is. i have lots of ships so i will need help to move, but have no problem moving to null sec with help. thanks

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Hi Draco!!

Thanks for reaching out!!! We would love to have a conversation with you. We are off line for the night but Welstiel and I will be on again tomorrow and will reach out to you as soon as we can. Look forward to meeting you!

See you on the grid!


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Bump - We are online and looking forward to chatting with you. All experience levels welcome.

Bump Bump - The team is online and looking forward to answering your questions.

Bump Bump - We have the full crew on today. Reach out and chat with us!

Returning player who never went to wormholes or pvp but would like to!

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@Jules_Ronuken - Reaching out

Bump , Bump , Bump - Our recruitment team is in the office today. Come have a chat with us!

Always available to chat and looking for all time zones!!! Reach out in game via mail/private convo or send a corp application today! We will follow up with you as soon as we can!! :grinning:

Bumpity!! Hit us up!!! Send an in Game mail and lets arrange to have a chat!! We accept all time zones and more importantly all types of people and account status!! Reach out and lets connect! See you on the grid!!

Bump Bump - We are actively recruiting again. Come chat with us!

Howdy All! \o/

We are recruiting again and taking on New Bros, Alphas, Omegas, Returning Players! Come grow with us in null and we will help to get you through Null Boot camp! Send us a mail today!

See you on the grid! o7

We are online and looking forward to chatting with folks interested in VOV!

Bump bump

Howdy Folks! Reach out to us and we will be happy to connect and have a chat to see if we are the right fit for you! o7

Bump Bump - We are online and looking forward to chatting with you.

Bump Bump - We are online. Please reach out to Welstiel or Nesca Sion in game


Lets have a chat! :slight_smile:

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